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This Is Feminism: Speech at Cambridge Union Debate

Feminism is what Mouna Ghanem does, as she stays behind in Syria, having sent her children and elderly parents to claim asylum in Denmark, fighting for women’s place in a country where over 6000 women have been raped since the conflict began – many of them gang-raped. Repeatedly.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney: Syria's Women Must Be Included In Debate

The three are part of the Syrian Women's Forum for Peace, an organization formed last year to "advocate for and reinforce a greater role for Syrian women in all sectors of public affairs." They came to Congress to bring another perspective, the often overlooked voices of Syrian women, to the debate over intervention in their country's two-year-old civil war.

Give Syrian Women (and Peace) a Chance

But there are other alternatives. Even as the Russian-U.S. talks are looking for a solution that avoids a U.S. attack, Syrian women are campaigning to reframe the options altogether. Supported by Donor Direct Action, the Syrian Women’s Forum for Peace is working for a democratic Syrian state through peaceful means. They want a political, not military, solution to stop the needless bloodshed and internal violence that is all too often aimed at women and children